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Wood burning boiler stoves

Boiler stoves are a great alternative to standard gas or oil central heating systems. Having a boiler stove allows you to heat your radiators and have the benefit of a fire at the same time.
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How boiler stoves work

Boiler stoves act much the same way as standard dry stoves except they have a tank of water attached to the chassis of the stove. This can either be a clip-on back boiler or a wrap around unit fully integrated with the stove.

This body of water is usually plumbed to the house’s water cylinder or thermal store. When the stove’s lit and the water reaches the correct temperature pumps kick in to circulate the hot water through the cylinder and from there out to the radiators and taps.


We’re HETAS registered for H004 Wet Appliances, we’re Gas Safe registered and we’ve years of experience with a wide range central heating and plumbing work. If you’re thinking about having a boiler stove installed we highly recommend contacting us in the early stages of your project. We can advise you on your entire central heating specification so you can build it right as you go.

How we work

Installing a boiler stove usually takes between three to five days depending on how much plumbing's needed, and the complexity of the plumbing will depend on what sort of heating system's currently in place as well as the other fuels you’ll be using along with the boiler stove (gas, oil or solar thermal etc).

Boiler stove installations can very a bit so if you’re thinking of getting one or if you’d like some impartial advice just give us a call.

Boiler stove maintenance

Boiler stoves shouldn’t require much maintenance but we do recommend having the system serviced once a year. We offer service packages with our installations for the lifetime of the system so you never have to worry about it. The flue will also need to be swept annually, this increases to once every six months if you use the stove regularly and if you predominantly burn coal rather than wood.

Defra and smoke control areas

Most of London and some other parts of the UK are official smoke controlled areas so you’ll need a Defra approved appliance if you want to have a wood burning boiler stove in these zones. The two leading Defra approved boiler stoves that're a reasonable size for a family home are The Dunsley Yorkshire and the Morso DB15. They both have good build quality and come from respected manufacturers. Get in touch if you’d like more information.


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