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Integrated energy technologies

We love energy technology and it doesn’t stop at wood burning stoves.

We’ve years of experience installing solar thermal systems, solar PV, energy efficient gas central heating, weather compensation and intelligent central heating controls. All of these can be integrated in different ways to maximise energy efficiency in any given situation.

Case study

A great example of energy integration is combining a wood burning boiler stove and a solar thermal array with a conventional gas boiler for backup.

The solar thermal array uses energy from the sun to supply all your hot water from spring until autumn, then when the weather cools and it’s time to turn the radiators back on you can heat them by firing up the boiler stove. The gas boiler's just used as a backup for the days you don't want to light the fire. Pretty smart.

And if you want to go a step further you might add some weather compensation devices and intelligent central heating controls.

The weather compensation modulates the flow temperature of your heat emitters (radiators or underfloor heating) inline with external and internal temperatures to increase efficiency, and the intelligent controls allow you to alter the temperature for multiple heating zones in the house independently.

Genersys flat plate solar thermal collector Morso DB15 boiler stove
Kingspan Thermomax DF100 solar thermal collector

Solar thermal

Solar thermal systems generate hot water from sunlight. They’re incredibly efficient: a sunny day can see temperatures over 100°C.

The thermal collector is usually filled with a mixture of high temperature antifreeze suitable for external use. This antifreeze is heated by the sun then when it reaches the correct temperature a pump circulates it through the house's water cylinder or thermal store. This hot water can then be fed to taps for baths, showers and washing.

Solar thermal systems can be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Solar PV

Solar PV systems generate electricity from sunlight. In the UK a 4kWp array can generate around the same amount of electricity as an average family home might use in a year.

The most common type of solar PV system in the UK is grid-connected. Instead of using batteries to store the electricity the system’s connected to the National Grid through the house's normal electricity supply. The electricity generated by the PV system is used by the house first then any left over is automatically fed back to the grid. These installations usually qualify for the Feed in Tariff which pays £ for every unit of electricity you generate regardless of whether you use it or not.

Solar PV systems can be eligible for the Feed in Tariff.

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Solar PV
Gas central heating

Gas central heating

We love gas as much as we love renewable technologies. We’re also very aware that it’s a fossil fuel and a finite resource. Our line is gas is practical. If you use it just make it as efficient as possible.

We’re Vaillant accredited gas engineers so we can offer a 7 year warranty on all our Vaillant gas boiler installs, and we’ve tons of experience installing gas central heating as well as integrating gas with other energy technologies.

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