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We’ll help choose the best possible stove for you – we work with the best brands, we have so many different designs to choose from to suit your space.

All of our stoves are Defra approved and far exceed the ecodesign requirements for emissions.


As we’re Hetas registered, all of our stoves are expertly installed by our in-house team.

We’re always clean, tidy and respectful when working in our clients homes.

We’ll always line the chimney, which is not just for safety but also for the stove to work at maximum efficiency.


We go the extra mile to ensure that you’re confident with using, lighting & refuelling your stove.

We also offer annual servicing and chimney sweeping to make sure that your stove continues to work safely and efficiently with low emissions.


Most homes in the UK are heated by natural gas which is a fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuels is causing rapid climate change.

At Stoake we provide various low carbon heating options; from the installation of Air source heat pumps, solar thermal and low-emission wood burning stoves. We also offer stove maintenance and sweeps to ensure your stove always burns clean. We have over 15 years experience working on a wealth of properties and can provide expert, tailored advice about what heating approach is best for you.

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Remove the guesswork and get the answers you need with our free survey and design consultation carried out by professionals with decades of experience.


We know that life can get busy and planning for construction work can feel overwhelming sometimes. We always endeavour to make your decisions easier, whether it be booking in your first site visit or helping you choose the right mantelpiece, we strive to be as efficient and structured as possible.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on being open and generous with our time and resources. Customer care is paramount to us, and a key cornerstone of the Stoake methodology.

We’ll be there every step of the way, we’re always transparent and we’re passionate about providing a first class service..


Most of our projects are not undertaken as part of a renovation, so we understand the worry of having building work done in your home. We make sure we leave your house as clean and tidy as we found it and we are always respectful of our customers and their homes.

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The UK government’s Environment Improvement Plan 2023 has confirmed that there are no plans to ban wood-burning stoves, despite what some media headlines may have portrayed.

The Ecodesign Regulation for wood burning stoves came into force in January 2022 meaning all stoves sold from that date must comply with the efficiency and emissions levels set out within Ecodesign. This means modern wood burning stoves are more efficient and have lower emissions than ever before and offer a very low carbon, sustainable and renewable way to heat your home.

All combustion processes, including wood burning, release particles and emissions into the atmosphere. However, modern wood-burning stoves are designed to burn wood more efficiently, which reduces the amount of emissions released into the air.

The majority of the pollution associated with wood burning comes from outdoor burning, open fires and older, inefficient stoves. We don’t work with open fires or outdoor burning.

Yes, wood is considered a sustainable fuel source because it is renewable and carbon-neutral. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, and when they are burned as fuel, they release the same amount of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. As long as new trees are planted to replace the ones that are harvested, the process is considered sustainable.

Ecodesign stoves are designed to meet strict emissions standards that reduce the amount of particulate matter and other emissions released into the atmosphere. These stoves are up to 90% more efficient than older models, meaning they require less fuel and have lower emissions. They are also designed to burn wood more cleanly.

Yes, wood-burning stoves can be considered environmentally friendly when compared to other heating sources such as fossil fuels. Burning wood is carbon-neutral, meaning it does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which cause global warming.

Yes, wood-burning stoves are very much better than open fires for heating because they are more efficient at burning wood and producing heat.

Open fires lose a significant amount of heat up the chimney, while our stoves are designed to transfer 80-90% of the heat to the room. This means that less fuel is required to produce the same amount of heat.

Open fires produce a lot of smoke and pollution. If you are using an open fire get in touch and we’ll give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution.

Yes, a wood-burning stove can help you achieve a level of energy independence by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and the grid. This can be especially beneficial in times of energy insecurity or supply disruptions.

In rural areas of the UK, wood-burning stoves are commonly used as the main source of heating for homes. However, we usually suggest using central heating when feasible. This is because wood stoves supply heat to a single area, whereas radiators are capable of heating the entire property, resulting in more efficient heat distribution.

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