Stoake offers a range of renewable heating options across London and the Cotswolds, helping people move away from a reliance on fossil fuels.

With a professionally trained team of specialists, we ensure each job is finished to the highest of standards and executed in the most efficient and responsible way. At Stoake we have over 15 years experience providing high quality stove installations for our customers. We specialise in bespoke design, considerate construction and renewable energy solutions.

We provide a fully comprehensive low-emission wood burner installation service across London and the Cotswolds, as well as stove maintenance, electrostatic filter installation, solar thermal hot water installation and air source heat pump installation.

You can find out more about the services we offer below. Get in touch with our friendly team for an eco-heating system quote that suits you and your home.

Our Services Can Be Split Into Three Main Categories


Most homes in the UK are heated by natural gas which is a fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuels is causing rapid climate change.

At Stoake we provide various low carbon heating options; from the installation of Air source heat pumps, solar thermal and low-emission wood burning stoves. We also offer stove maintenance and sweeps to ensure your stove always burns clean. We have over 15 years experience working on a wealth of properties and can provide expert, tailored advice about what heating approach is best for you.

To find out more about our services and how we can help contact us either by phone, email or by filling in our online form to arrange a free consultation.

About Us

Founded by experienced heating engineer Nye and expert solar installer Marcus, Stoake was created with the sole purpose of providing high-quality, low-carbon heating. They wanted to create solutions that were both easy and affordable for customers to make their homes more environmentally friendly. Their passion for sustainability led to the inception of Stoake. 10 years later Stoake continues on mission to guide their customers towards a zero-carbon future.

In 2021 domestic heating burning natural gas accounted for 17% of all UK CO₂ emissions, an average UK home emits approximately 2.7 tonnes of CO₂ per year from heating.

Wood burning is better for the planet than burning gas because the amount of CO₂ absorbed by the tree as it grows is equal to the amount of CO₂ released when burning the wood. This makes it carbon neutral.

Burning wood incorrectly, such as burning wood on open fires or outdoor burning, creates lots of particulate matter which is harmful to health. Modern Ecodesign compliant stoves burn away the vast majority of the particles which results in very high efficiencies and very low emissions.

Air source heat pumps are an effective technology that heat the home efficiently using electricity. If the electricity is sourced from a 100% renewable provider then there are zero CO₂ emissions.

Solar thermal provides hot water from the sun during spring, summer and autumn, making use of free energy and reducing CO₂ emissions.

In urban areas, there tends to be more barriers to change. This is because of space constraints, higher population density, and the general speed of life. When you’re busy working or raising a family, you can’t always spend your time working out how to switch to a greener heating system. That’s where Stoake can help. We’ve done all the research and ground work for you.

Here Are Some Reasons
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Expert Consultation

Remove the guesswork and get the answers you need with our free survey and design consultation carried out by professionals with decades of experience.


We know that life can get busy and planning for construction work can feel overwhelming sometimes. We always endeavour to make your decisions easier, whether it be booking in your first site visit or helping you choose the right mantelpiece, we strive to be as efficient and structured as possible.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on being open and generous with our time and resources. Customer care is paramount to us, and a key cornerstone of the Stoake methodology.

We’ll be there every step of the way, we’re always transparent and we’re passionate about providing a first class service..


Most of our projects are not undertaken as part of a renovation, so we understand the worry of having building work done in your home. We make sure we leave your house as clean and tidy as we found it and we are always respectful of our customers and their homes.

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Stoake at White Cube

Stoake were proud to collaborate with the artist Danh Vo for his exhibition “Chicxulub”.

Running from 11th September until 2nd November 2020 at the White Cube in Bermondsey, Vo’s work focused on the “interconnected nature of life on this globe where each thing is shaped by the reflection of its inside to an outside”. We installed 6 Charnwood Skye 7 wood burning stoves with nearly 100m of twin wall flue. Find out more here.

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