Log Burner Installation London

Modern, efficient log-burning stoves are an environmentally conscious way to provide additional heat in your home, whilst adding a beautiful feature to any space. At Stoake, we offer a comprehensive supply and installation service for a range of Defra-approved and eco-design wood burning stoves from Burley to Charnwood stoves. All of our stoves are expertly installed by our Hetas registered in-house team of experts who have a wealth of experience installing stoves in a number of different properties.

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What Is Our Log Burner Installation Process?

At Stoake, we’ve created a simple and efficient process for selecting, installing and maintaining your eco-friendly log burner. This process can be broken down into 5 simple steps to ensure that your stove is right for you and the environment:

Step 1 – Choose Your Stove and Contact Us

We offer a range of stunning and eco-friendly log burners, all of which far exceed the ecodesign requirements for emissions. The Environmental Improvement Plan released in 2023 reduces the limit on emissions from 5g/hour to 3g/hour, some of our stoves emit as little as 0.1g/hour so you can pick a stove that not only looks good but also has very low emissions. 

Once you’ve chosen your potential stove, contact us by either filling in our online contact form, sending us an email, or by calling one of our experts on 020 8459 4743

In this initial conversation, we’ll discuss the project in more detail and estimate pricing for your log burner installation. We’ll also get you booked for a site visit with one of our experienced stove installers.

Every London home is unique so we always carry out a site visit beforehand so we can provide an accurate quote to install your wood-burning stove.

Step 2 – Site visit 

During your site visit, we’ll take accurate measurements of your fireplace as well as carefully consider the materials used in the structure of the fireplace to ensure the wood-burning stove installation meets building regulations.

Our experts will also carry out a smoke test of your chimney and if you don’t have a chimney we will look at the potential route for a twin wall flue system.

Once our team have completed the necessary checks, we’ll present you with a choice of wood-burning stoves that will fit into your fireplace to meet your heating and design requirements. Following the site visit you’ll receive an itemised quote.

Step 3 – Log Burner Installation 

Next, we’ll arrange a time which suits you to come and install your log burner. Our stoves are expertly installed by our in-house team who ensure that everything is completed to the highest of standards.

If your fireplace requires any building work, our in-house construction team will remove an existing open fire, fit a concrete lintel or change the dimensions of the fireplace as required. We will always line the chimney; the liner is not only for safety but also allows for the stove to work at its maximum efficiency.

After installing the stove we make sure our customers are confident using it. In order to achieve this, we demonstrate how to light, refuel and run the stove efficiently. If any support is required, please contact one of our specialists who are always happy to help with expert advice. 

Step 4 – Choose Sustainable Log Fuel

Now that your high-efficiency and low-emission wood-burning stove has been expertly installed, it’s vital that the correct fuel is used. We always recommend the use of kiln-dried, hardwood logs sourced from sustainably managed UK woodland. Log fuel for ecodesign log burners should have a very low moisture content of under 20%. The log fuel should meet the “ready to burn standard

We recommend our log supply partner “Certainly Wood” who source their firewood from sustainably managed British woodland just 100 miles from Hereford. Log Fuel should meet the “ready to burn” standard. This means the logs will have less than 20% moisture content.

Log-burning stoves offer a low-carbon alternative to heating your home compared to using fossil fuels. This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, which is returned to the atmosphere when the wood is burned and then absorbed by the regrowth. If you source your logs locally, a wood stove is virtually carbon neutral.

Step 5 – Stove Maintenance 

In order to ensure that your stove is running as efficiently as possible, annual stove maintenance is key. At Stoake we offer a number of stove maintenance services, including chimney liner sweeping, repair and general maintenance.

Why Get an Eco-Friendly Wood Burner Installed?

An eco-friendly wood burner is a great way to add additional heat to your home in a stylish and environmentally friendly way. With no need for fossil fuels, our log burners produce far less CO2 than fossil fuel heating and are designed to have very low emissions. With so many to choose from, our log burners are incredibly versatile. We’ve installed hundreds of log burners in homes of all different sizes and styles.

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Log Burner Installation FAQs

The cost of installation depends on factors such as the choice of stove, the complexity of installation, as well as the materials we will need to use. To find out how much a stove may cost for your property, please contact one of our team who will be able to give you an initial estimate.

Typically installing a log burner does not require planning permission unless your home is a grade 1 or grade 2 listed building. At Stoake all our fitters are HETAS registered. So once we’ve installed your stove we’ll notify Hetas and building control so your stove installation is fully certified.

Compared to gas heating systems, a log burner is far more eco-friendly because sustainable wood burning is carbon lean.

All the stoves we sell and install are ecodesign compliant.

We are committed to only selling the cleanest burning stoves available – all our stoves are ecodesign compliant and we also recommend stoves that are ClearSkies certified.

These certifications ensures every product we sell has been independently certified, future proofed and above all environmentally friendly.