Nordpeis Stoves

Nordpeis offers 20 years of experience within the industry to bring you a range of quality and stylish stoves. Founded in Norway Nordpeis stoves proudly encompass a flare of traditional Nordic style with a modern twist. Our collection offers a stunning selection of Nordpeis stoves including the classic Duos as well as the unique circular ME for a more subtle wood-burning centrepiece. 

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Nordpeis Stoves FAQs

Nordpeis is the largest fireplace manufacturer in the whole of Norway, which is where it was originally founded in 1984 by expert bricklayer Morten Henriksen. Nordpeis is currently a subsidiary of Nibe Industrier AB in Sweden which sell stoves and fireplaces for more than 1,5 billion NOK annually.

Nordpeis is made in Sweden by Nibe Industrier AB – a stove manufacturer that sells stoves and fireplaces across the world.

There is no set price for a Nordpeis stove, as it all depends on the type of stove you choose, as well as other elements such as how complex the installation is as well as materials we may need. To find out more about how much it may cost to have a Nordpeis stove installed in your home contact one of our specialists.