Parkray Stoves

Produced by the Hunter Stove Group, Parkray is renowned for its elegant range of stoves perfect for any household across the UK. Whether you opt for a modern or traditional design, you can rest assured that any Parkray design you choose will be a stunning centrepiece in your home. Our collection boasts some fantastic pieces from Parkray including the Aspect 7 Eco and the Aspect 14 B Boiler Stove. 

To find out more about installing a Parkray into your home contact one of our friendly team for a free consultation.

Parkray Stoves FAQs

Parkray stoves are made by the Hunter Stove Group. They are one of the leading manufacturers of stoves in the UK.

Parkray stoves are made in the UK at four main locations these are Trevilla Park, Slaughterbridge, Camelford and Cornwall.