Twin wall flue

No chimney: no problem

Rigid twin wall flue is used where there isn’t an existing chimney breast for us to utilise. It’s a little larger than a flexible liner because it’s built with a layer of insulation between two sheets of stainless steel.

The standard diameter of twin wall required for a wood burning stove is 200mm external / 150mm internal.


As with flexible liner, there’s a lot of twin wall products on the market and they can vary in quality. When we supply twin wall flue for our jobs we the best manufacturers with excellent reputations.

We can even paint twin wall in any RAL colour you choose. Perfect for blending in with the decor.

Inside and out

Twin wall flue is suitable for internal and external installation so you can either have it run up through your house, up the outside of a side wall, or even freestanding to a height of 3m above a roof.

The regulations can be strict but there’s loads you can do with it, so get in touch and we’ll discuss your options.

Planning permission

Twin wall flue can require planning permission. We always recommend you seek advice from your local planning department in the early stages of arranging a twin wall project.

If an application is required we can provide you with all the architectural drawings and specifications you’ll need.