Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic Filter for Wood Burning Stoves

We install the Exodraft Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) with our twin wall flue systems. A twin wall rigid flue system is used when an existing brick chimney is not available for use. The Stove filter reduces the number of particles leaving the flue by 95%.

The Exodraft ESP particle filter is designed to filter out particles from the flue gas of a wood-burning stove.

The Exodraft ESP particle filter comes with a self-cleaning feature and catalytic-like technology. It has an integrated chimney fan in its top portion. A chimney fan is a ventilator that ensures a constant updraught in the chimney, making it easier to light the stove as well as eliminating backflow of smoke into the room.

electrostatically charged particles

The filter works by electrostatically charging the particles and trapping them inside the filter, where the self-cleaning function of the ESP will cause some of the particles to combust. The remaining particles are released into the chimney, to be burnt off, eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the filter.

We’ve been running an Exodraft wood stove filter in our showroom since 2020. Get in touch if you’d like to take a look.