About Stoake

Nye was an experienced heating engineer and Marcus was an experienced solar PV installer. The pair started the company with the purpose of providing low carbon heating and energy options for homeowners in London. In the beginning Stoake offered a very wide range of services including solar PV, solar thermal, air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and rainwater harvesting. The early years of the business allowed for rapid learning and with time Stoake refined its offering to wood burning stoves, air source heat pumps and solar thermal with a focus on low carbon heat generation.

Our company began in 2014 with the sole ambition of getting London to reduce its reliance on Fossil fuels.

Every action we take is considered.

At present home heating with natural gas accounts for 38% of all UK gas use, an average UK home emits approximately 2.2 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Wood burning is better for the planet than burning gas because the CO2 released by burning the wood is absorbed by the regrowth. Burning wood incorrectly such as burning wood on open fires and outdoor burning can create a lot of particles which are harmful to health. Modern ecodesign compliant stoves are designed to burn away the vast majority of the particles which results in very high efficiencies and low emissions.


Over the past few years, wood burning has been a popular topic in the press. Unfortunately, not all perspectives acknowledge the nuances of the issue. Burning wood on an open fire, burning wood outside in the garden or using an old stove will create a lot of particulate matter.

Emissions from multiple sources are often grouped together and attributed to “wood burners”, resulting in misleading data analysis. The type of wood burning stoves we offer use the latest technology and have very low emissions which far exceed regulations and government guidance.The Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 confirms that the government has no intention of banning wood burning stoves and that atmospheric particulates have reduced by 18% between 2010 and 2020. The plan also tightens the limit on emissions in smoke control areas from 5g/hour to 3g/hour. We have stoves that emit as little as 0.1g/hour.

The technology behind modern ecodesign wood burning stoves is constantly evolving and improving. New innovations such as electrostatic filtration, the Rais Bionic Fire, Burley’s fireball technology and Charnwood’s new intelligent microprocessor controlled E700 are pushing the boundaries of wood burning in an effort to get to zero particulates. We are committed to offering the best available technology to our customers.

We want to make it easy and affordable to choose environmentally friendly and low carbon solutions for the home. Space constraints, high population density, and the general speed of life can be barriers to change. When you are busy working or raising a family, you can’t always spend the time working out how to switch to a greener heating system. That’s where Stoake can help. We have done all the research and hard work for you.