Burley Stoves

Established in 1975 by electrical appliance expert John Barson, Burley Stoves is renowned for its excellent efficiency and stunning designs. We have many on offer ranging from the popular Debdale and Hollywell to the sleek and stylish Carlby. Supplying the world’s most efficient wood-burning stoves, we have something to suit everyone’s style and needs.

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Burley Stoves FAQs

All Burley stoves are designed and manufactured in the UK. They are renowned for their fuel efficiency and clean burn due to their patented fireball method.

First, you start by adding 1 to 2 firelighters to the bottom of your stove. After this, add some kindling on top and finally add 2 logs on top of the kindling.

We always recommend using kiln-dried, hardwood logs sourced from UK woodlands which are sustainably managed. Logs for ecodesign log burners should also have a moisture content of under 20% and meet the “ready to burn standard”.

Once you have loaded the fuel into your stove open the air vent to maximum, light the firelighters and close the door on the first latch to ensure that there is an air gap.

The Burley Fireball stoves are renowned as being the most efficient wood-burning stoves in the world. They are measured at 89.8% efficiency due to the fact that they have been specifically designed to extract heat and keep it within your home.